New Year Special Events to usher in 2022

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Transformation Game guiding team – Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis, Judy McAllister and Yasko Takahashi

These two special end-and-beginning of year events are open to everyone and independent from each other. You can join the one that suits you or come to both. There will be breaks during each session.

Kindling Your Light

Thursday 30th December, 2021

9:00 - 13:00 (UK time)

We intend to harvest our insights and learnings from 2021, blessing what has been, and generating grace and hope as we welcome the potentials of the new year.

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Responding to The Call

Sunday 2nd January, 2022

16:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

We intend to open to the mystery and magic within and around us and deeply connect to what is calling our engagement and service in the coming year.

Booking closed

Kindling Your Light & Responding to The Call

We intend to open to the mystery and magic within and around us and deeply connect to what is calling our engagement and service in the coming year.

Book both events and receive a 50% discount on the second event.

Booking closed

Please book your place in these events by 30 minutes before the event start time. You will receive the link to the event shortly (less than 30 minutes) before the start time.

Enter the date and time of the event you would like to attend. Our time zone is UTC (UK time).

Online: New Year Special Events with elements of the Transformation Game to usher in 2022

This year we have been tenderized and humbled, ignited and revealed. Many of us have felt the bewildering extremes of our hearts blasted open into all-encompassing love, into a bone-weary exhaustion, into full throttle rage, into paralyzing hopelessness, and into resilient, grounded, peaceful calm in the eye of the storm. We are learning to navigate our full range of feelings and take our power back. These things are deeply interconnected. To the degree we cut off our feelings, we cut off our power. We need to honor our intuition, honor our feelings, and work with them as gracefully as possible to hold the light steadily in the coming year and to access and engage our deep dreams for ourselves and our world.

We will use Insight, Setback and Angel cards from the Transformation Game® to support us in a Next Step Process. Holding a clear purpose in mind, collectively we will select cards, allow everyone to process and share in small groups, and create action steps for the coming year. Sharings in the whole group will allow us to harvest our collective learnings. The senior InnerLinks team will help us deepen our process and to clarify and initiate the changes we desire in the coming months.

We invite you to join us and return to your deepest roots to restore and replenish your central thread, gain clarity on your focus and priorities, and meet the big unknown we are all facing. This is a great time to listen to the signals from your soul, embrace the emerging impulse, and be inspired through the whole spiritual year.

You will participate as yourself and also as a strand within the fabric of the soul of humanity. You bring your healing gifts, your knowledge, what you are going through, your desire to help, your kindness, and your willingness to shift perspective and imagine the extraordinary.

To participate in these online events you will need an internet connection, Zoom app, web camera, microphone, and speakers or headphones so we can see and hear one another and build a conscious, supportive, awakening community.

We ask your active participation in the Zoom meeting place. You need to be willing to share with 2 or 3 other people in a Breakout Room. What you share in the Breakout Room stays in your buddy group. We may invite some participants to share in the whole group. Please be aware that whole group sharings will be heard by everyone in the event.

Tiered price: £100 / £85 / £65 / £50

A limited fund is available for people who are in certain circumstances. Contact us at for more details.

Transformation Game®

The Transformation Game® was created and developed by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler at the Findhorn Foundation. Since the first Game workshop was offered here in 1978, thousands of people have played the Game in its various forms. Many more have worked with the Angel® Cards, with over a million Angel decks sold to date. Several programmes and products now make up the Game ‘family’ and are available world-wide through InnerLinks, a consulting and training company based both in the USA and UK that researches and develops Transformation Game® products, programmes and trainings. The Findhorn Foundation, where the Game was originally developed, is the centre for Game programmes in Europe.

Just as life is filled with this rich variety of experience, so is the Transformation Game®, a fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life. It can be played at varying levels of intensity, from a light-hearted way of gaining insight into yourself, to a tool to help solve problems, clarify important personal issues, or creatively enhance relationships.


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